e-store 'Welcome Gift'

Terms and Conditions

1. The 'welcome gift' comprises one complimentary KAPLA Challenge box.

2. The 'welcome gift' is offered on a ‘gift with purchase’ basis, and is only valid with the purchase of at least one KAPLA product, which can be any KAPLA product of any value.

3. A KAPLA Challenge box must be added to your cart before the 'welcome gift' discount code can be activated at check-out. (Once the ‘welcome gift’ discount code is entered in the discount code field, the value of the KAPLA Challenge box will be automatically deducted from your total order value.)

4. The 'welcome gift' offer and the 'welcome gift' discount code are valid for one use per customer.

5. Shipping rates are applied to the total order value of the products purchased, which does not include the retail value of the gifted KAPLA Challenge box. Please refer to our Shipping Policy for our shipping rates.

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