Welcome to KAPLA's Australian webstore!

Welcome to KAPLA's Australian webstore!

We are super excited to welcome our Australian community of builders to KAPLA's official Australian webstore - right in time to prepare for the end of year festivities! 

From the iconic KAPLA 200 Box to the colourful 40 Squares and our step-by-step Owl Case, you will find KAPLA products for every taste and level of ability. 

If you work with children or students and would like to integrate our wooden planks into your educational programs, feel free to reach out to us to learn more about our pedagogical offer. 

Looking for inspiration? We will regularly update our dedicated pages with new creations and ideas to give you all the tools to push the boundaries of your creativity and learn new construction skills. 

KAPLA®: one wooden plank, a world of possibilities ...

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