Versatile and Adaptable

KAPLA® is an ideal resource for education settings given its wide application for children of all ages, for free play or within structured lessons, and for independent or group activities.

Learning naturally through play and exploration

KAPLA® allows children to intuitively develop skills they will need as they learn and grow. Through experimentation, problem-solving, communication and cooperation, children navigate obstacles and enjoy success as they create and recreate with KAPLA planks.

Professional Insights

"KAPLA® – the absolute number one favourite resource in my classroom – I haven’t yet found a lesson I can’t use it in. As versatile and as genius as another click together plastic alternative(!) but with the beauty and tactile pleasure of a natural material. An essential creative classroom ingredient."

Kathy Harris, Teacher, Holland Haven Primary School, Holland-On-Sea, UK

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Abstract concepts come to life as STEM basics emerge naturally from the game (gravity, symmetry, ratio ...).


Same-sized KAPLA planks encourage young engineers to explore a variety of designs and structures while developing fine motor skills.


The unique and uniform size of each KAPLA plank helps children visualise numbers and proportions and develops their spacial awareness when playing with shapes and volumes.


KAPLA® is an open-ended game ruled only by balance and gravity, promoting logical thinking and problem solving, individually and in groups.


Playing with KAPLA® stimulates the imagination and enhances focus, patience, perseverance and cooperation.

Discover our pedagogical kit

The KAPLA School Set is a specially-assembed open-ended classroom resource that adapts to all ages and abilities, bringing creativity and fun to achieving learning outcomes.

Four hard-bound art books, a teacher's manual, classroom worksheets, construction guides, and an information booklet are included in a beautiful 1000 piece KAPLA chest!

The KAPLA School Set is available in Australia exclusively to schools, preschools, and early learning centres. Contact us to order a KAPLA School Set or find out more about our school offer.

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