No glue - only balance!

To play, simply place the planks on top of one another, without clips, to create an infinite array of structures. This simple concept makes it a game open to everyone, which progresses at the same pace as its players. Initially quite basic, constructions develop in complexity over time.

Magical Proportions

Each KAPLA plank measures 8mm x 24mm x 120mm: three depths make a width, and five widths make a length. These identical and perfectly proportioned elements allow total freedom: the builder is able to adjust, align and perfect their structure as they wish while it evolves. Our planks fit equally well in the hands of an adult as they do in those of a child.

A game that grows with you

From the age of 2, a child plays and creates simple forms on the floor, like roads and rails. Little by little, their dexterity improves, they master shapes and columns, and explore more delicate balance. Progressively trees start to appear by the road, as well as cars, trains, houses or bridges … and all sorts of extraordinary structures and creatures are born.

KAPLA is for everyone

A game to engage even the youngest children. From age 2, it supports and stimulates a child’s development. In adolescents, adults, artists or architects, it inspires passionate enthusiasm and engrosses the mind. Alone or with others, it promises wonderful moments of creativity.

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